+19 Bathroom Lighting Zones Diagram 2022

+19 Bathroom Lighting Zones Diagram 2022. Is also the area around the wash basin. If the shower has no basin then zone 1 extends to 1.2m around.

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Is also the area around the wash basin. Bathroom zone 2 and outsides of zones. Any lighting used here must have a minimum rating of ip67 (protected against immersion in water) zone 1.

Above The Bath Or Shower To A Height Of 2.25M.

If the fitting is 240v, a 30ma residual current device (rcd) must be. Take a look at our diagram above to easily identify your bathroom zones. Ultimately, these are areas where any fitting would actually be submerged and therefore require an ip rating of at least ipx7.

Zone 0 Is Inside The Bath Or Shower Tray Itself.

A minimum rating of ip44 is required. Ipx4 (ipx5*) selv (transformer located beyond zone 2) selv = separated extra low voltage: This may include jetted pumps for a spa tub.

Zone 1 Zone 1 For A Bathroom Is The Same Width As Zone 0 (The Width Of The Bath) Extending To 2.25M Above The Finished Floor Level.

Bathroom dry (outside) zones only (see diagram below and current iee wiring regulations for details). Zone 0 is inside the bath or shower itself. Zone 1 requires a minimum of ip44.

The Lower The Zone Number, The Higher The Ip Rating Needs To Be.

Only 12v selv (safety extra low voltage) equipment can be used. If there is no shower basin zone 2 is replaced by zone 1 (i.e. It is not suitable for bathroom zones 0, 1, 2, or other areas where contact with moisture is likely.

Fittings In The Bath Need To Be Low Voltage And Rated At Least Ipx7.

What is bathroom zone 1 lighting? The zone extends from the floor up to 2.25 meters or the top of the. Zone 1 for a shower room is 2.25m from the finished floor level or the height of the fixed shower head from the finished floor level if more than 2.25m, and the width of the shower basin.

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