Hello, friends!
I hope you are all having an excellent week!

I have been working slowly on my Fall decor and although it still feels very much like Summer outside, 
I figured I start decorating the inside of our home and take my time with it.

Today I am sharing my kitchen decor.
I have been on a mission trying not to buy anymore Fall decor, due to the fact that I am running out of room to store it and I am happy to say so far I have only bough a roll of ribbon.
This is what I came up with using the items I already had at home.
Warning! Lots of pictures! :)

On the island I used my old burlap and lace runner, a basket to which I added my old vase that I made for my Spring vignette with a Fall flower arrangement, the lantern I used on my mantle during the Summer time, my same candle holders with a little bit of a Fall touch and a couple of ceramic pumpkins and pine cones.

I also made three more burlap flowers just like the ones I made for my wreath, only smaller. 
I did attached them to a stick to display them inside the vase.

I put three different color pumpkins inside the lantern and dressed it up with a little bit of the same burlap ribbon.

I also added a couple of items to the little vignette behind the island.

On the breakfast table I used the same table mats from last year and my old pillows that I made a couple of years ago, but I did not have a centerpiece , so I made my own.

Using two leaf bunches I had bought years ago at Kirklands, (they are the same ones I used for the arrangement on the island) and with the metal piece I also had on my mantle I created a little Fall centerpiece.

I love the way the colors of Fall look in my kitchen. 
It is my favorite time of the year, makes the space feel so warm, specially in the late afternoon 
when the sun rays make all the colors glow.

And this is all I am doing in the kitchen this year, I think. LOL Unless I see something I just got to have! :)
I hope you enjoyed the little Fall tour of my kitchen, now I am off to finish my mantle.

Thank you all for stopping by. See you soon!

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