What we are reading

What we are reading

Well it's not so common that you read something and you feel that you have to let the world know bout it. But it has happened to me and here goes: Mona Minim and the smell of the sun by Janet Frame. I'm reading a library copy but I have put it on my list of books to buy as soon as I have some spare cash!

The one I'm going to get is with the illustrations by David Elliot.

So the language is just beautiful, the pace delightful and it's full of detail. The best bit is that Martin is reading one chapter per night to the girls and I and at the end of each chapter there is a child-mind cliff hanger. I love it. I want the world to read it and know about it. I think I'll have to give it as gifts at Christmas time to some special little people.

BTW I appreciate that not being a born kiwi it's taken me until I'm 37 to find out about it. So apologies if this is a very well known fact and I'm preaching to the converted.

A word about the illustrations. They are just beautiful. A non reading child would be just as enchanted looking at the pictures. I'm becoming a bit of a David Elliot fan. His range is quite varied and the detail exquisite. If you read my blog and you have recommendations please let me know; especially if they are for books that would suit a very book wormy family that doesn't watch TV.

Take care


I don't know about you, but decorating the mantle is a huge challenge for me.
I visit your wonderful blogs and see so much inspiration. You guys make it look so easy. :)

I always blame "my problems" on the mantle being too large. My husband built it shortly after we moved in the house. We have 9 foot ceilings, so the mantle had to be built big enough that it would look substantial. 

This is the way it looked when we moved in. Not much room for anything up there.

I have had several emails asking information about the clock. We bought it at Kirklands about four years ago and I have to say it was my best find ever! :) Love that clock and even after all this time we haven't got tired of looking at it. 

When I decorate the mantle, I always try to work around it.

Don't get me wrong, I love decorating it, but I have such a hard time figuring out what decor to use that most of the time I just keep it like this.

For the last year or so, I got brave :) and started changing the mantle decor for the different seasons.
It still takes me several days to get it done. :) 

This is how I decorated it for Summer and what it looks like right now. I tried to change it for Spring, but it was such a disaster that I gave up half way through. LOL

 This was Fall 2012


 And last Christmas.

Before then, I tried many times and you can see my pitiful attempts in the next pictures. LOL

And now, I have Fall in my thoughts.  
I figured if I start planning now, I may have my Fall mantle finished sometime in October. LOL  Have no clue what I will do and don't be surprised if it ends up looking like last year.

How about you? Are you already thinking and planning Fall and Holiday decor? Hurry up! I need some inspiration! :)

See you all soon!


Happy Friday!

And a chilly one at that! :)

Couldn't await in the week to finish , you see, our son is flying back home tomorrow for the last half of his "after deployment leave" and that we are really excited to be ready to have a touch more family time together.

Sooo, before he arrives, i assumed I take a rare, quite moment around here and share with you ways I changed the design of the drop cloth pillows on my porch .

Until we buy new outdoor furniture, I even have been trying to form our porch a touch more appealing

by making new outdoor curtains (you can see that post here) and just add a couple of pretty pillows.

You all skills much i prefer pillows! :)

Supplies needed for this project.

First, iron your fabric.

I forgot to require pictures while i used to be making the pillows, so I had to improvised and cut another piece of drop cloth to be ready to offer you this tutorial. Don't check out the wrinkles! :)

I chose a Fleur de Lis stencil.

Using a fabric marker, I traced the planning .

And employing a tiny paint brush and my favorite shade of brown, Burnt Amber, I filled within the Fleur de Lis.

Once it had been dry, I placed the finished drop cloth piece over a bigger burlap square and secured it with fabric glue.

And that's it! So simple.

What does one think?

I want to thank everyone that linked in the week at Tuesdays at Our Home and also, those of you that took the time to prevent by for a visit. i actually appreciate all of your support! i will be able to be back with the features for in the week .

Design Inspiration - Clive Christian

Welcome, to all my visitors from Better After, thanks for stopping by my blog.  Feel free to poke around.

I was surfing the internet the other day and I saw the following rooms from Clive Christan, apparently these pieces are for the very very rich.  
Since I can't afford this stuff, it can serve as eye candy. 

Okay the statue is kind of creepy and over the top but other than that, this kitchen is luxurious and classic.
The coffered ceiling with the two chandeliers is fantastic.

This kitchen is truly a great mix of old and new, isn't the island luscious?

This bedroom looks like really high end hotel presidential suite.  Do you see how the TV is built in the bed?

This is my favorite room, from the tufted upholstered wall panels, crown moldings, to the sofas, this room hits it out the park. 
 This would be a great place to curl up and watch HGTV.


Hello, everyone!

Although I am still trying to finish my Christmas decor, there is a few things that are already done.

My decor this Holiday Season is pretty simple. Although I made many crafts and pillows, lots, lots of pillows! :), I am really running out of time to do anything else, so I decided not to stress about it and just enjoy what the season will bring and believe me when I say, 
it is going to be pretty special for our family.

I did put together a small vignette on the entrance table my husband built last year 
using items I already had from previous Christmas.

I added my old trees from Kirkland's, my lantern and set of jars with some small trees and ornaments inside

My favorite little Santa that my daughter bought me years ago.

And the little gift packages I made last year following the tutorial from Liz at Savvy Seasons.
I miss Liz so much!!! :)

Very simple, but I hope it will make our family and friends feel welcome.

Until next time!

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